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Welcome to new realm airguns. a new concept in the airgun world, we do not subscribe to proprietary secrets nor market capturing techniques. Our sole purpose is to bring the community into a 21st century understanding of airgun construction and concept. Here we will discuss such things as trans-sonic airflows, convergent divergent nozzles and their application to inter duct flow dynamics. Metallurgical manipulation and the application of todayís materials into the continuing rich history of air gunning that began centuries ago. Titanium is the primary material we will be striving to bring into this industry, with the current alloys available the weight of a conventional layout rifle may be reduced by a factory of one half without compromising the safety factors we all hold to. With recent developments in cryogenic metal processing we can build a titanium barrel with wear characteristics equal to or exceeding that of itís typical mild steel counterpart. There is no idea too far fetched, or outside of the box. Some of the current projects we hope to bring to fruition in the coming months include: The Mariner Pistol: The Ti- Rex double side by side rifle. A rifle shaving the in-field weight by 30 percent and still delivering two completely autonomous rifles each with the power to cleanly take your game.

Quackenbush 50 caliber Bandit Power Modifications

Basic BigBoreBob Conversion:
Raises power to approximately 300 foot pounds, polish trigger, hammer, and internals:
$100.00 plus shipping

BigBoreBob Plus:
Raises power to 350-375 foot pounds, includes basic upgrade, plus oversized cocking piece, further port refinement.
$175.00 plus shipping

BigBoreBob Ubermagnum:
Raises power level to at or above 500 foot pounds, High density hammer, oversized hammer spring, major valve modifications,
oversized cocking piece, internal polish.
$275.00 plus shipping

Quackenbush 308 Bandit Mods

Basic BigBoreBob:
Includes trigger tune, valve and port work, internal polish. typically this will produce 3 close shots at or above 900 fps with a 120 grain conical.
$125.00 plus shipping

BigBoreBob Plus:
Includes all of the above, plus an oversize stainless steel cocking knob, further port refinement.
$160.00 plus shipping

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